Who is Paver Savers of San Diego?

Paver Savers of San Diego is the cleaning and sealing division of Paving Stone of San Diego. Paving Stone of San Diego also known as PS of SD, has over 3,150 finished projects since 2004. Paver Savers of San Diego will pull up, correct and reinstall to fix any paver issue because we are much more then just a sealer company. Our primary focus in the past was warranty and commercial project averaging 40,000 to 50,000 sq. ft..

The huge demand for repair work from disappearing or unlicensed contractors or  damage tree roots showed us there is a huge need for our services. If you would prefer to hire a Clean ‘n Seal company instead of spending weeks doing research on the best materials and buying equipment then we are willing to help. We offer the best service and products at a fair price.   To set up your free consultation at 619-449-2011.  We will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have for your repair or cleaning.

The paver installation side of the company has been installing paving stones for all of San Diego and surrounding areas since 2004.  Most cleaning and sealing company’s do not offer a full service, we have a storage yard with hundred of varieties of overages from jobsites to best match your specific color. If we do not have it we can find it.

We’ve invested in a top of the line hot pressure washing unit with built in water recycling Eco’s system The Landa cleaning system we use is a towable unit. The Landa gives the ultimate high deep cleaning with 4,000 psi, a rotating 250 degrees cleaning head. The reclamation unit allows us to recover, filter and reuse the water preventing runoff and the large quantities of water typically used in pressure washing. This is similar to steam cleaning your carpets. We use pre-heated water and steam to remove years of dirt, Transmission fluid, food stains and various other stains.
It is the perfect solution for a rejuvenated look of your inter locking pavers and your home that the neighbors will notice.
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