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#1 Choice in Restoring, Repairing, Cleaning and Sealing Your Hardscape

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Cleaning & Sealing

Enhance and protect your pavers with our Cleaning & Sealing service, using top-grade solutions to remove dirt and grime, followed by a sealing process for lasting beauty and durability.

Paver Repair

Our Paver Repair service expertly addresses cracks, chips, and shifting, restoring the integrity and appearance of your pavers to ensure a seamless, safe surface.


Revitalize your aged or weathered pavers with our Paver Restoration, offering deep cleaning, color rejuvenation, and repairs to bring back their original charm and functionality.

Paver Saver is your neighborhood paver restoration company. We have more than a decade of experience cleaning, sealing, repairing, and restoring pavers

Restore Your Pavers with Cleaning and Sealing

Paving Stone of San Diego and Paver Saver of San Diego have been servicing the greater San Diego area since 2008. We are Veteran and family-owned. Specializing in new driveways, walkways, and just about any hardscape you desire to make your living space your own. We also provide a free estimate for installs, cleaning, restoration, and repairs for your existing pavers, concrete, flag stone, and bricks. Maintenance care is essential and with our restoration process, we make your pavers look beautiful again! Call today to schedule your estimate! It’s free!

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Paver Saver of San Diego

Your Trusted Paver Cleaning and Sealing Company

Welcome to Paver Saver, where we specialize in breathing new life into your pavers. Our suite of services includes Cleaning & Sealing, meticulously removing dirt and sealing for long-lasting protection; Paver Repair, focusing on fixing cracks and leveling to restore safety and aesthetics; and Paver Restoration, dedicated to reviving the original beauty of weathered pavers. With Paver Saver, you’re choosing excellence and expertise in maintaining the elegance and longevity of your paver investments. Let us help you keep your outdoor spaces looking pristine and welcoming.

Our commitment extends beyond mere maintenance; we believe in preserving the beauty and integrity of your pavers. Our team, equipped with the latest tools and techniques, is passionate about delivering top-notch service that ensures your satisfaction. By choosing Paver Saver, you’re partnering with professionals who understand the value of your investment and are dedicated to enhancing its durability and appeal.

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