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Brick Paver Stripping Services

If the sealer on your pavers look old and faded, chances are they just need to be steam cleaned at 210 degrees.

To begin, it’s a LOT of work! If the previous contractor or homeowner followed the label and  sealed with a “residential” annual or yearly sealer then the may need more costly prep. After the 3rd coat or 3rd year of following the direction,  stripping may be necessary. Stripping the hardscape will allow us to install a more durable sealer and joint stabilizer that will never need to be stripped again. Choosing a Commercial Sealer such as Seal ‘N Lock with activator two part system last up to 5 times longer under the same conditions. Paver Saver of San Diego offers a stripping and sealing service to bring your driveway or patio back to life.

Most roll-on oil based or hand sprayer water base sealers tend fade or turn white after just a few seasons. Not a material issue but an inexperience, most sealers will turn your entire driveway or pool area white if applied while the ambient temperature is over 93 degrees.  Being too warm does not allow the sealer to saturate the pavers but instead flash dry only to delaminate later.

It often takes 1 or 2 applications of a Bio-Strip stripper or our most aggressive Glaze and Seal Stripper along with 210 degree pressure washing at 3,000 psi to get the old material out. It is impossible to remove 100% of the old sealer but Commercial sealer is most forgiving by re emulsify, similar to hand cream on dry skin, hiding all the scars of the past. With that said, we bring back the color and give you a fresh start with proper sealing and maintenance thus eliminating the whiting and peeling once and for all.

Our paver stripping service starts at $.55 per foot plus materials averaging $.60 sq. ft... Resanding the pavers with RCP Joint Sand is included, polymeric sand can be substituted for actual material cost. Let us come out for a free consultation, and give you the best priced option for your project.

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Mike SLakeside, CA

We are SUPER pleased with their work and look forward to getting our driveway done with them!

Dave T.San Diego, CA

We have used these folks several times, they are super knowledgable and do a great job, will definitely use again

Bud S.San Diego, CA

Matthew and Jose went out of their way to do an outstanding job of stripping and resealing.
I will definitely recommend and use them in the future.

Heather G.San Diego, CA

They were very nice and respectful and did a fantastic job on the patio. They were hard working - they were able to get the job done in 3 days as promised. I highly recommend them!!

Maulik D.San Diego, CA

Great work. They came and refinished my pavers that had some issues with the sealer. I am happily satisfied with the job...They ll do a great job at a nice price.

Jason T.Poway, CA

Paver Saver saved the day! The crew was professional and on time. Now our patio looks great! Thank you Paver Saver!

Paver Saver of San Diego

Your Trusted Paver Cleaning and Sealing Company

We are Paver Savers of San Diego. We have been cleaning and sealing brick pavers, driveways, pool areas, walkways, and more throughout the San Diego County area for over 9 years. We offer fast, friendly service and get your paver sealing job done right the first time.

Our sales team is available 7 days a week for an in-home consultation about your brick paver project. A San Diego Clean n Seal team member will be measuring the size of the job, evaluating the overall condition of the pavers, drainage, problem areas, and making recommendations for necessary repairs if it’s beyond the scope of our work. You will receive a written estimate with a detailed analysis of your project.

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