Paving Stone San Diego – Best Type of Pavers for Outdoor Spaces

Are you in the market for the best paving stone San Diego? If you are, the first thing you need to do is take note of where you plan on installing pavers. That way you will be able to choose a paving stone based on the traffic, moisture levels and other factors. Second, you have to only focus on paving stones that are designed for outdoor spaces. In this post, we will be taking a look at the best types of pavers you can use for your outdoor space.

Brick pavers

This is a very popular material in paving stones. It is made of molded clay and is commonly used as a surfacing material. The reason it is a popular paving stone San Diego trusts is because of its classic look and durability. There is also a huge range of color and pattern combinations to choose from. Bricks are the perfect alternative to concrete. They are eco-friendly since they are manufactured using natural materials. However, for these paving stones to serve you well, they must be installed on a high quality sand base or mortar. You also need to note that brick is porous and absorbs moisture fast.


This stone is made using limestone, granite, basalt or sandstone. Just like brick, this stone has been around for centuries. It is preferred for its attractive aesthetics and durability. The best thing about cobblestone is that it requires minimal maintenance and can remain stable for decades. The only thing you need to do is ensure they are installed properly. The installation process is time-consuming and the stones are very pricey. All the same, most homeowners find these stones worth the extra money and time. When it is installed in sand, cobblestone is very porous.

Concrete pavers

These are the most popular paving options for outdoor spaces. They are available in many colors, sizes, thicknesses, and textures. You can customize them in any way you want. Concrete paver is an inexpensive alternative that is more durable than poured concrete. However, the stone requires a lot of maintenance since it is prone to cracking under extreme temperatures. It is also porous.


This stone is known for its luxurious appeal and elegance. They have a smooth polished finish which gives a sophisticated look than most pavers. Every piece is unique and radiates an eye-catching look. marble will also boost the value of your home. The drawback is marble requires more maintenance work than other natural stones. It conducts heat and is prone to stains and scratches. Although marble is porous, liquids make it darken or stain.

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Paving Stone San Diego – Advantages of Using Porcelain Pavers

Since time immemorial, concrete pavers have been the go-to paving stone San Diego trusts. But did you know there are other remarkable products available? One of those products is porcelain. At the mention of porcelain, most people only think about dolls and kitchen ware. The truth is there is special porcelain that is created for paving purposes.

The reason porcelain is gaining immense popularity in paving is its ability to be made into virtually any custom pattern. This makes the paving stone suitable for both casual and sophisticated environments. It is also available in a range of colors, sizes and shapes which makes it the perfect modern paving material for any home. In the outdoor space, porcelain paving stone San Diego trusts is used to build anything from balconies and terraces to walkways, roof decks and pool deck areas.

The most remarkable feature about porcelain pavers is that they are non-slip. They are also created to be stronger than natural stone. Moreover, you don’t have to spend a fortune on cleaning. They are stain resistant and very easy to clean. The pavers also resist mildew, mold and moss effectively. They are not susceptible to freezing as is the case with most other paving materials. Let’s take a further look at some of the most remarkable benefits of using porcelain pavers in your outdoor space.

  • Low water absorption. While natural stone and concrete pavers are preferred in paving, they do absorb water. This is not the case with porcelain tiles. They have a water absorption rates of less than 0.5%. This is what makes them both weather and stain resistant.
  • Since porcelain pavers absorb almost no water, they are not susceptible to cracking in freezing temperatures. They will, therefore, last longer and require minimal attention in maintenance.
  • Porcelain has high resistant to UV fading. You don’t have to get them sealed in order to make their colors last long. Porcelain is naturally sealed and non-porous.
  • The pavers are stronger and more durable than ceramic and concrete pavers. This is all thanks to their unique manufacturing process.
  • Unlike natural stone, porcelain will not crack in harsh weather.
  • You can treat porcelain pavers with ice melt without ruining them.
  • The pavers are non-slip. This makes them a great option for entertainment spaces more so around the pool.
  • Easy to clean. The pavers are stain resistant and can be cleaned by brushing with soapy water.
  • They remain cool in summer.


There are many more reasons why you should consider installing porcelain pavers. However, for them to last long and look amazing, you must ensure they are installed and cared for properly. Always work with an expert during installation.

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Paving Stone San Diego – How to Pick the Right Natural Stone

While natural stone is one of the best materials you can use for paving, you still have to check for hardness, durability, strength and stain resistance. Unfortunately, people make a common mistake when buying paving stone San Diego loves: assuming that any natural stone paver will serve them well. The truth is that natural stones have varying densities. This means they are not all the same. It is, thus, your job to check key aspects of your preferred natural stone before you make your final decision.

Check the hardness

Hardness refers to a stone’s capacity to be scratched. Keep in mind that a more rigid material will make a scratch on a softer material. This means if you choose a paving stone San Diego loves but one that is too soft, it will be prone to scratches. To test the hardness of a paving stone, use a steel or glass object to scratch the surface. If you are paving a high-traffic area, go for the more rigid natural stones. Softer materials in a high traffic area will scratch easily and be prone to breakage.

Examine the durability

The next thing you need to do is check your preferred natural stone for crumbling, splitting or cracking. There are types of natural stones that are more prone to crumbling and splitting than others. Prior to making a choice, always check the durability of the stone. You also need to research or ask about the preferred applications of the stone.

Fissures are cracks that occur naturally. However, if humans cause a break, that is a crack. Ready-to-install stones must be checked for both fissures and cracks. Fissures are not an issue unless they go through the entire surface of the stone.

Measure strength properties

There are two types of strength properties you can test a natural stone for. The first is compressive strength. This measures the crushing load of a stone. A stone with high compressive strength is an excellent choice because it cannot be crushed under high pressure. Slate and granite have the highest compressive strength. Limestone, sandstone and marble have low compressive strength.

The second test is on flexural strength. This measures the capacity of a rock to rupture when bent. Having a high flexural strength means the stone cannot be bent or broken easily. Slate and granite have the highest flexural strength. Sandstone, limestone and marble have low flexural strength.

Stain resistance

Last but not least, since the paving stones will be exposed to all manner of abuse, you want to ensure you get a material that has a high level of stain resistance. Stones with a darker shade are more stain-resistant. In addition, they are easy to maintain and hide stains better.

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Paving Stone San Diego – Why You Should Choose Natural Stone Pavers

Natural stone pavers are slabs made of natural stone. There are many types of natural stone pavers: granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, bluestone, and slate. The option you pick will depend on the look you want. But why should you go with a natural paving stone San Diego recommends? Here are the main reasons why natural stones are a great choice.

Long lifespan

The installation of paving stones is not cheap. You do not want to spend a similar amount fixing your pavers. That is why you have to get things right the first time and ensure you use a stone that will not degrade within no time. That is what you get with a natural paving stone San Diego trusts. The best feature of natural stone is that it has already aged hundreds or even thousands of years. It has been molded by nature to withstand the elements. With that in mind, with natural stone paving stones, you are guaranteed a product that will serve you for generations. Although the hue might change over the years, natural stone will continue looking amazing decade after decade.

Wide range of styles

Manufactured stones are usually manufactured uniformly. As a result, their texture and style are somewhat the same. Natural stone, on the other hand, has been made by nature. As a result, you will find various styles to pick from. You can go with irregular or flat surfaces or natural colors and varying shapes. The array of choices offers more versatility in design. Whether you are planning to build a retaining wall or add character to your patio, you will find a natural stone that leaves a timeless impression.


Are you concerned for the environment? If you are, why not go the natural way. Natural stone is more sustainable than manufactured pavers. These stones are sourced naturally and thus don’t require a lot of processing. They also last longer and are recyclable. Going with natural stone will help reduce your carbon footprint.

Adds value to your home

If you are getting ready to sell your home or plan on selling it in the future, natural stone will help boost its value. While all types of pavers add some value to a property, natural stones add more value. This is because naturals tones are thought to be high-quality, elegant and sophisticated. As a result, they have a distinction unlike any other.

There are many more reasons why you should go with natural paving stones. You must, however, ensure you purchase the stones from the right supplier. You don’t want to end up with low-quality stones, do you? You also want to get the pavers appropriately installed to look great and last long.

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Paving Stone San Diego – Factors to Help Pick the Best Paver Colors

When shopping for a paving stone San Diego, settling on a color is one of the most challenging things. Pavers are available in myriad colors. All these colors are quite interesting, and most will work with your landscape. However, not every color combination will be good for your home. The last thing you want is to replace pavers simply because they don’t blend well or look ugly when wet. If you are in the market for pavers, here are a few factors you should consider before settling on a color.

What are you hardscaping

When deciding on the color for your paving stone San Diego, you will have to think about where you will be installing them. Do you need them next to your pool, garden, or on the driveway or walkway? Do you need them for the retaining wall? Not every color will work for your fashion. Many colors are for function. If you are installing pavers on the pool deck, you should avoid dark colors so as not to burn your feet on a hot day. For a driveway, dark colors will look spectacular.  

The theme color of your home

Do you plan on changing aspects of your home or just your landscape? For example, if you are getting ready for a new roof, remodel, or siding, you should choose a paver color that goes well with your selected colors. On the other hand, if you plan to remodel your home, you should consider choosing your favorite hardscape then changing the landscape accordingly. The idea is to pick a color that blends perfectly. You can also choose to re-plant your deck or plant a flowing shrub to blend the colors. The goal, however, when choosing a color for your pavers is to choose one that will go well with the rest of your home.

Match your roof

In hardscaping, the roof of a home is usually the anchor. In the same way an anchor secures a boat, the roof will ground the colors of the landscape. Choosing hardscape colors can be as easy as matching the colors to the roof. For example, if the roof has black or dark colors, you can use charcoal hardscapes. Matching pavers to the roof helps create a contrast between the landscape and the roof. Human eyes love contrasts.

Beautiful blend or a perfect match

The color of your pavers doesn’t necessarily have to match your home. It is, however, important that they blend in. Therefore, when shopping for pavers, you need to consider if you need a beautiful blend or a perfect match.

These four factors will help pick the best colors for your landscape. It is, however, important that you leave the installation work to the experts. Poor installation can ruin everything.

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Paving Stone San Diego – Best Old School Materials for a Patio

Planning a new patio can be very exciting. This is a chance to use your creativity to build something you really like. You can go with anything from a rustic to a contemporary look and anything in between. The choice is yours. The hardest part, however, is choosing the right paving stone San Diego. Paving stones should be selected not just for their aesthetic effect but for their utility. You also need to consider the weather conditions in your area and how much traffic you expect. Here are some of the best types of paving stones for a patio. We will be focusing on the old-school paving materials in this post.


If what you need is a durable and versatile patio paver material, concrete paving stone San Diego is what you should go with. Concrete pavers are inexpensive and since it is poured, you can get pavers in any size and shape. Basic concrete can, however, have a bland and low-end feel but newer finishing can take on the effect of expensive materials such as brick or flagstone.

The downside with concrete is it can be unideal for areas with very cold climates. They crack when temperatures go below freezing. Moreover, when exposed to low temperatures concrete tends to produce a whitish residue. This will require regular power washing. If you go with concrete with special textures and tints, you will have to get them refinished every few years.

Natural stone

This has an unparalleled earthy quality that complements any color you may choose for your patio. It is expensive because quarrying and transporting natural stone is quite labor-intensive. Installing natural stone is also not cheap due to the expertise and effort that is needed to achieve a smooth surface. Natural stone also gets slippery when wet so you should avoid using it around the pool.

Despite the drawbacks, natural stone is a remarkable material to use for your patio. They come in many shapes and textures. The materials include sandstone, slate, limestone, and granite. They create a soothing and lush feel.


This is the most versatile material for a formal or rustic look. It all depends on the finish and color you select. Brick comes in many patterns and colors and can be laid in a manner that evokes the feeling you want. While it is possible to install brick pavers on your own, it is always wise to leave the work to a professional. Poor installation will not only make the patio untidy but also make the pavers vulnerable to damage.

The drawback is a brick is available in a limited selection of colors, sizes and textures. While it stands up fairly against the elements, the reddish coloring can fade.

Old school materials are great for your patio. However, to maintain their amazing look, you must ensure they are installed properly and cleaned regularly. To prolong their life, consider getting your pavers sealed.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Paving Stone San Diego

As you get ready to renovate your driveway, one of the most difficult choices to make is on the right type of paving stone San Diego. There are so many options available. Before you even plot where you want the pavers to be installed, you must start by choosing the paving stone to use. While making the right choice can be hard, there are a couple of things you can do to make things easier.

Determine how you will be using the driveway

Do you plan on using the driveway as a place to park your vehicle long-term or is the driveway simply a path that leads to the garage? How big is your vehicle? Answers to these key questions will help you know the best paving stone San Diego to get. If your vehicle is a big rig, you may want to consider creating a sturdier base and select a thicker paving stone.

Know your budget

Another very important thing you have to do is to set a budget. How much do you plan on spending on paving? The bigger your budget is the more options you will have. For example, if money is no object, you can go for a natural stone which is more luxurious, durable and sturdier. As you set a budget, don’t forget to account for upkeep and wear and tear. Depending on the traffic and where you live, you will have to fix pavers every year if you go for cheaper paving stones.

Paving stones are a great investment

When shopping around for paving stones, keep in mind that this is an investment you are making. Do not cut corners to save money as doing so will only lead to headaches later on. Choosing paving stones as the foundation of the driveway is a great choice both for your home and wallet. When it is maintained properly, a paved driveway will add value to your property as well as help create the best first impression when you have guests.

It is also good to note that pavers give a more durable finish than concrete. This is because individual pavers offer a high level of flexibility. They shift as the ground beneath them shift. Thanks to this performance, the chances of pavers breaking are minimal. Concrete drives are more likely to crack under heavy use since the slabs did shift with the ground beneath.

When it is time to give your driveway a makeover, ensure you make a good investment on the paving stones. Keep in mind that in most cases, the cost of paving stones in San Diego only makes up 30% of the total cost of paving a driveway. Making a good investment in the materials will ensure you get better and lasting results.

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Paving Stone San Diego – Understanding Various Paving Stones

While you may have the best-manicured glass in your neighborhood, nothing compares to pavers. Paving stones not only make your compound stand out but also improve functionality especially during the cold season as well as complement your other landscaping efforts. However, for you to get the best-looking pavers, you have to select a paving stone San Diego with care. In this post, we will be looking at the various options that are available and what makes them unique.

Sandstone is the ideal all-round choice

Sandstone is, without a doubt, one of the most popular stones used in paving. The stone is tough, a quality that makes it perfect for various paving applications. It is also easy to cut and much easier to work with than granite. In the stores, you will find this stone in many names such as ‘Colorado Red’ and ‘Crab Orchard’. The best thing about this paving stone San Diego is that it is available in many colors and shapes. Finding the paving stone that works best for your home will be easy.

Slate is selected for its color and texture

This is in many cases used as a flagstone. It has a unique texture as well as subtle color palettes. This makes it quite attractive. The pastel blue grays and muted reds are very beautiful. The material is both beautiful to look at and to walk on. However, the stone’s quality that makes it easy to shape into any piece also makes it less durable more so when used as an outdoor paving material. The stone also chips and flakes in heavy rainfall or when it freezes. Slate is ideal for relatively sheltered areas.

Granite is known for durability and strength

If what you need is a paving stone that will last for years, granite is what you should go for. It is unbeaten when it comes to strength and durability. The material is also perfect for formal outdoor spaces and comes in brick-shaped or cube pieces. The stone further has the widest selection of colors of all paving stones. The drawback is the stone is quite pricey.

Limestone is the most unique stone for patios and paths

Limestone has a fine texture and a velvety finish. This makes it the most distinctive paving stone. The stone is also more evenly colored than granite and sandstone. It is easy to cut too. The stone is, however, unavailable in some parts of North America and is thus a tad expensive.

Gravel is for when your budget is small

The reason most people go with gravel is that it is quite easy to install. The material also provides an attractive texture that is perfect for any informal landscape. The drawback with his option is that it can be unstable underfoot and weeds easily grow through it. You need to go for gravel that is labeled ¼ inch minus when you don’t want footing issues. This is, however, a short-term paving solution.

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How to Select the Right Paving Stone San Diego

Choosing the right paving stone San Diego is the single most important decision when building a driveway, patio or walkway. This is because paving stones are the main thing people see and feel while approaching your property. While the market is filled with many options to choose from, not every paving material will be ideal for you. If you are in the market for the right paving stone, here are the main available options.


Paving materials fall into one of two categories; quarried stone and composite material. If you have extra money to spare, the quarried stone is the material to go for. It is luxurious, versatile and durable. The best thing is you will be able to find a paving stone San Diego in virtually any shape, color and size. You have the option of going for the irregularly shaped flagstones or precision-cut geometric blocks. The choice will depend on the look you want to achieve. The drawback, however, is stone is quite expensive to both purchase and install. The prices vary from one region to the next and depend on the quality you go for.

As you buy paving stones, keep in mind that the ideal stone must be more than 2 inches in thickness. Such a stone will be able to support high foot traffic and hold up against harsh weather. You should stay away from rounded cobblestones, and flagstones that are polished. Go for tones that are flat with a natural cleft surface. The ideal stone should offer some texture and grip even when wet.

Another important thing to do when considering stone is to check its color when both dry and wet. Granite has a honey-tan but turns lurid golden orange when wet. The subtle patterns in sandstone may become bold when the stone is wet. Keep these changes in mind before going for any paving stone.

  • Sandstone is easier to install

Sandstone makes an all-around choice because it is easier to cut and work with. It is also more affordable. Keep in mind that this stone is sold in various descriptive names such as ‘Colorado Red’ and ‘Crab Orchard’. Choose a color carefully to ensure they go well with your existing architecture.

  • Gravel is the most budget-friendly

If you are tight on a budget but still want to install a paving stone in San Diego, gravel is the option you should go with. It is easy to install and offers an amazing texture which is perfect for informal landscapes.

  • Granite is the most durable

If you need an option that will last for years, go for granite paving stones. This material is known for its sheer durability and strength.

There are many options available. The key is to do your research on each option. Make sure you buy the paving stone from a reputable seller too.

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How to Install Paving Stone San Diego Correctly

When it is time to install paving stone San Diego, you want to be certain that everything is being done the right way. You not only want to achieve perfect consistency but also avoid issues that come with improver installations. In this post, we will be discussing the steps you must take to achieve the best results.

Have a plan

The first thing you must do before you start installing paving stone San Diego is to have a good plan on what you want the final result to look like. You have to start by thinking about how you want the final path, patio or driveway to look. Sketching the layout will come in handy. Don’t be in a hurry. Play around with different design options. Consulting a professional installer at this stage is very important so that you don’t forget essential things like drainage and a solid base.

As you make your plan, don’t forget about the utility lines. The installation of pavers requires a significant amount of excavation. You don’t want to damage your gas, water or internet lines in the process. You also want to install pavers in a way that doesn’t hinder access to the utilities. Contacting the local utility company will help mark where all the lines pass through.

Select the right pavers

You will be spoilt for choice in this stage. You have to choose between concrete and brick as well as choose the shapes, colors and sizes that work for you. The goal is to pick a paver that suits your style. As you order the stones, make sure you order extra just in case some get damaged during installation. You will also need to store some for future repairs.

Excavate the area

The first thing you need to do is to mark the area you wish to install pavers. Use clear marketing to outline the project area. Make sure the pavers will be above the surface of the surrounding ground in order to avoid flooding. Keep in mind that you will need at least 4 inches of base material or up to 12 inches if the area has wet soil. Make sure the excavated area is level before pouring in the base material and compacting it.

Install edge restraints

To keep pavers from shifting, you will need edge restraints. These will help hold the shape of the project in place for years. The restraints can be made of steel, aluminum or plastic. They need to be installed around the perimeter of the project area.

Lay the pavers

You then need to pour a layer of sand. This will be the base on which the pavers sit on. Lay the pavers along the longest straight side. Pull pavers from different pallets in order to get a good blend of colors. Tamp them into place and pour sand to cover the spaces between pavers. Sweep the excess sand and you are done.

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