Fix Pavers – Are Porcelain Pavers Any Good?

Porcelain pavers date back to ancient Chinese culture, over a thousand years ago. While most people only associate porcelain with decorative figurines and delicate kitchenware, it is good to note that they too can make a great paving material. This is thanks to the fact that they come in many styles and types. As a result, the material is both versatile and durable. However, if not installed properly and if you choose the wrong type of porcelain, you might have to fix pavers more often than you would want.

While the availability and durability of porcelain became overshadowed by other manufactured and natural paving stones, porcelain is slowly making a comeback thanks to its favorable characteristics. These materials are very popular for outdoor use. The demand is soaring because porcelain pavers are available in virtually any appearance you want. They can be made to look like natural surfaces that are comprised of bluestone, travertine, slate, limestone or sandstone. To avoid having to fix pavers every now and then, make sure you get porcelain pavers from reputable manufacturers.

Porcelain pavers are manufactured according to higher standards than common ceramic products. It is made of highly refined clay which undergoes longer firing processes at higher temperatures than ceramic products. This leads to a highly durable and customizable material that can be used on floors, walls and outdoor spaces.

The best thing about porcelain pavers is they are made from high grade porcelain. This makes them a worthy alternative to concrete and natural stone. The materials achieve superior density and unparalleled performance thanks to the exemplary combination of quality engineering and visual appeal. These materials are also eco-friendly since they are made using recycled materials and kiln-fired clay. They have been around for centuries and have been used in the most challenging and climatically extreme environments worldwide.

Myths surrounding porcelain pavers

Despite their remarkable versatility and durability, porcelain pavers still experience a slow acceptance rate for outdoor spaces. This is the widespread myth that this material is fragile and delicate. This myth came about because porcelain was primarily used on dishware and dolls. Porcelain is also thought to be very expensive.

The two are both myths that have been debunked. While porcelain pavers have caught on in the US, it took some education for homeowners to accept them. Today, the popularity of porcelain pavers is soaring.

Like all other paving options, to get the most from porcelain pavers, you must ensure that they are installed and cared for properly. Therefore, working with an expert installer is highly recommended.

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