Fix Pavers – How to Install Pavers the Right Way

Are you tired of having to fix pavers every few days? The reason you might be having to do this is that your pavers were installed improperly. The secret to long-lasting pavers is getting them installed properly. You need to plan your project carefully, excavate the right way and also make sure that you lay the pavers in place the right way. In this post, our focus will be on how to install the pavers.

Start installing along the longest straight side

When compared to planning, excavation and creating a solid base, laying the pavers is the easiest part of the project. To avoid problems that may force you to fix pavers more frequently than you would want, start laying the pavers along the longest straight side. Pavers should be laid from a 90-degree corner, preferably the corner that abuts another structure. You then need to continue extending the pavers along the longest straight side of the target space.

To have a uniform blend of colors, make sure you pull pavers from multiple pallets of product. These blocks are made using natural materials. As a result, they may have a slight change in appearance more so when it comes to colored pavers. Working from multiple pellets helps blend the colors properly.

Another important thing you must do is to lay the pavers straight down without sliding them along the ground. Sliding or kicking the pavers into place will disturb the sand. Place each paver into place along the edge of adjacent pavers. You also need to keep the blocks as close to each other as possible. Wide gaps between the blocks will require more polymeric sand to fill.

Always check periodically to ensure the pavers are flat and fitting properly. You can use a level or string to check the rows. A level will further help you know if you are maintaining a good slope for proper drainage. Avoid walking on the prepared sand when installing pavers, stand on the pavers you have installed and work your way out. You also need to avoid getting too close to the edge of the installed pavers to avoid disturbing the sand.

Tamp pavers into the sand

Another important thing you must do when installing pavers is to make sure they fit properly into the sand. This requires that you tamp them in. You can use a compactor to tamp the pavers. Do so once all the pavers have been laid. Ensure all the pavers are pressed snuggly into the sand before filling the spaces between the pavers with sand.

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