How Do You Handle Paver Repairs San Diego?

When they are installed by a professional, pavers look so great. However, over time, the pavers may start to discolor or misalign. When this time comes, what you need is paver repairs San Diego. Repairs are meant to fix cracks, crooked and sunken pavers. But do you know how to handle these repairs when time comes? In this post, we will be looking at how these repairs are handled.

What went wrong?

The first step in fixing pavers is knowing what went wrong. Pavers are set on a bed of compacted sand. Because sand shifts, the pavers will tend to move too. They may also sink, look crooked or become loose. This problem is common when insufficient sand was installed or when the bed on which the pavers were placed was not firm enough. To avoid untimely paver repairs San Diego, you have to ensure that the installer uses mechanical compacters to create a solid base for the pavers. Refrain from doing the work yourself.

Drainage problems may also cause problems with the pavers or because the installer skimped on edging. For pavers to last long, they must have a solid base to sit on and be lined up properly.

How to repair

Whether you are dealing with a broken paver, sunken paver or a crooked one, the fix is usually the same. You have to remove the damaged paver and replace it with a new one. You will need a pry bar or screwdriver to remove pavers. You also need a rubber mallet, broom and a water hose. 

  • To remove the bad paver, you may require water to wet the compacted sand. Use a screwdriver or pry bar to wiggle out the paver.
  • Add new sand to the base and tamp it down. The more compacted the base is, the more secure your new paver will be.
  • Place the new paver into the gap and ensure it is the same size and height as the surrounding pavers.
  • Add more sand and use the rubber mallet to tap the paver into place.
  • Once the paver is in place, use a broom to clean the area.
  • Wet the sand so that it seeps down into the cracks then add more sand in the cracks and repeat.
  • Sweep the excess sand, and you are done.


The best thing about paver repairs San Diego is that you can remove the damaged pavers and install new ones. However, if the damages are too extensive, you should bring in a professional. At times what you need is to replace a whole section for uniformity. A professional will also get to the root of the problem and ensure the damages don’t occur prematurely again.

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