How Sealing Pavers Reduces the Need for Paver Restoration San Diego

Patio pavers not only improve the value of a property but also improve the functionality of the outdoor space. There are many design styles available ranging from traditional to modern styles. However, no matter how beautiful your pavers look now, their appearance will over time fade. That is what makes paver restoration San Diego trusts unavoidable.

While getting patio pavers installed is an obvious choice, deciding on whether to get them sealed or not is a personal decision. Pavers are constantly exposed to the elements. While getting them sealed is an optional maintenance step, it offers numerous benefits more so when it comes to maintenance. Here are some ways sealing can help prevent expensive or frequent paver restoration San Diego.

Enhances the appearance

The grand beauty of applying a sealant on pavers is that it gives them a clean, wet look that has a glossy finish. The sealant doesn’t alter the color of the pavers but rather highlights the hue of the material and enhances the color of the pavers. Since the pavers will be under a protective coat, their color will be protected against UV rays which means they will not fade as fast.

Protects the pavers

Concrete, brick and natural stone pavers are susceptible to fading, rust, mildew as well as staining. Getting a sealant applied to them will prevent stains and other signs of aging. The sealant will also make it easier for you to clean grease, grime, and all manner of dirt that your pavers are regularly exposed to.

It is also good to note that sealers offer moisture resistance. This is important when you consider that paving materials like concrete, stone, and brick are porous. This means they absorb water easily and if the absorbed water freezes, it will expand and this will lead to cracks. The absorbed water may also promote the growth of mold or allow weeds and grass to grow between the stones. When the sealer is applied, it will cover the pavers including the cracks between pavers. This keeps water from settling and causing damage.

Improves drainage around the installation

Pavers that are made of porous materials will trap a significant amount of moisture underneath. This can make it hard to create a strong foundation when building a patio, pathway, or porch. This is because there is no way of removing moisture from underneath. When a sealer is applied, you will create a barrier that keeps water from getting to the foundation of the installation. Water will instead run off efficiently.

There are many more benefits that come with applying a sealer. You must, however, note that there are many types of paver sealants and you need expert help when applying the sealant. The sealant will also need maintenance. You have to reapply it once every year or so.

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