How to Avoid Issues in Future Paver Restoration

Pavers are extremely durable, they are easy to install and are very attractive when installed properly. However, although they are low maintenance, you have to make arrangements for paver restoration. This is because like all other materials, pavers are prone to wear and tear. When this happens, you have to fix the damaged pavers in order to restore beauty. To avoid issues in paver repairs, probably years down the line, it is imperative that you do the following.

Keep extra pieces on hand

While pavers are available in many sizes, textures, shapes and colors, years down the road it can be hard to find the paver that matches the ones you have. To avoid using new pavers that don’t go well with your existing ones, you need to order extra pieces and keep some on hand. That way when it comes to paver restoration you will have extra pieces to replace the damaged ones.

Get your pavers sealed

The best way to avoid spending a lot of time in maintenance and repairs is getting your pavers sealed. This involves the application of a protective layer over the pavers. The layer not only protects the pavers from the elements but also makes clean up easy. Getting your pavers sealed will also make them resistant to stains and weed will not grow between the spaces. Make sure that your contractor uses a reputable sealer. Keep in mind that there are different types of sealers and you will have to reapply the seal after a year or more.

Fill the cracks

During installation, it is important to fill the spaces between pavers with sand. Doing so not only makes the pavers strong but also prevents weeds from growing between the spaces. Filled spaces will also keep pests away. Over time, the sand between the pavers will reduce. Inspect your pavers every few months and refill the sand when need be.

Have a solid base

A solid base is the key to avoiding expensive paver repairs. When the base on which the pavers are laid is not solid enough, pavers will shift. There will also not be enough support under the pavers and as a result they may break. Ensuring there is a strong base is the key to ensuring your pavers last long. You will also need a strong perimeter to keep pavers from shifting at the edges.

Work with the experts

The most important thing you can do when working with pavers is to involve a professional. This is because how the pavers look and how long they last will depend on how they are installed. Hire an expert to get your pavers installed and repaired the right way.

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