How to Restore Color with Paver Restoration

If you have pavers installed in your outdoor space, you must be prepared at one point in time to pay for paver restoration. This is because pavers are highly susceptible to color fade after a period of time. The beating they get from the elements and constant traffic further causes them to get damaged. The good news is you don’t have to remove all your old pavers and install new ones. Pavers can be restored and even protected from getting damaged.

If your pavers are not as appealing as they used to, now might be the perfect time for you to call in a paver restoration expert. The expert will assess the extent of damage, make recommendations and help you restore the original look of your pavers.

How color is restored to pavers

It is pretty easy to restore color to your pavers. The use of sealers is highly recommended when it comes to this. The right sealer will restore some of the original color of your brick pavers as well as keep them from fading. This is done in four steps:

  • The pavers are cleaned using a pressure washer and a brush. This removes dirt and grime from the pavers.
  • If mold or algae is on the pavers, oxygen-bleach solution can be used to get rid of it.
  • The pavers are then allowed to dry up completely. This takes about two days.
  • The next step is the application of a sealer. This is done using a sponge roller or heavy-duty metal sprayer. Some pavers will use solvent-based sealers to achieve better results. Once the seal is applied, it should be left to dry up completely. This takes about 24 hours.

Bearing in mind it takes time for the cleaned pavers to dry and for the sealer to dry up, you need to handle paver restoration at the right time. The best time for this is when it is sunny. Rain can distract the process or even lead to poor results.

How to prevent pavers from fading

As aforementioned, the color of your pavers will fade. The good news is you can prevent the color from fading too fast. The best solution for this is to seal your pavers. Wet look sealers will darken your pavers while at the same time offering protection to the brick pavers. There is also the option of invisible sealer which will not alter the appearance of your pavers

The best treatment for pavers is sealing them. Sealing will prevent weeds from growing between the pavers, make it easy for you to clean and offer protection against the elements. You will, however, need to hire the right restoration expert to enjoy the best results. The wrong sealer will lead to bad results.

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