How to Select the Right Paving Stone San Diego

Choosing the right paving stone San Diego is the single most important decision when building a driveway, patio or walkway. This is because paving stones are the main thing people see and feel while approaching your property. While the market is filled with many options to choose from, not every paving material will be ideal for you. If you are in the market for the right paving stone, here are the main available options.


Paving materials fall into one of two categories; quarried stone and composite material. If you have extra money to spare, the quarried stone is the material to go for. It is luxurious, versatile and durable. The best thing is you will be able to find a paving stone San Diego in virtually any shape, color and size. You have the option of going for the irregularly shaped flagstones or precision-cut geometric blocks. The choice will depend on the look you want to achieve. The drawback, however, is stone is quite expensive to both purchase and install. The prices vary from one region to the next and depend on the quality you go for.

As you buy paving stones, keep in mind that the ideal stone must be more than 2 inches in thickness. Such a stone will be able to support high foot traffic and hold up against harsh weather. You should stay away from rounded cobblestones, and flagstones that are polished. Go for tones that are flat with a natural cleft surface. The ideal stone should offer some texture and grip even when wet.

Another important thing to do when considering stone is to check its color when both dry and wet. Granite has a honey-tan but turns lurid golden orange when wet. The subtle patterns in sandstone may become bold when the stone is wet. Keep these changes in mind before going for any paving stone.

  • Sandstone is easier to install

Sandstone makes an all-around choice because it is easier to cut and work with. It is also more affordable. Keep in mind that this stone is sold in various descriptive names such as ‘Colorado Red’ and ‘Crab Orchard’. Choose a color carefully to ensure they go well with your existing architecture.

  • Gravel is the most budget-friendly

If you are tight on a budget but still want to install a paving stone in San Diego, gravel is the option you should go with. It is easy to install and offers an amazing texture which is perfect for informal landscapes.

  • Granite is the most durable

If you need an option that will last for years, go for granite paving stones. This material is known for its sheer durability and strength.

There are many options available. The key is to do your research on each option. Make sure you buy the paving stone from a reputable seller too.

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