Maintenance Tips to Help Avoid Expensive Paver Repairs San Diego

Installing pavers on your driveway is one of the best investments you will ever make. They not only look amazing but will boost the value of your home and make cleaning easy. All in all, you must not install just any paver. To avoid frequent paver repairs San Diego, you must pick the material of pavers with care. The most recommended materials are brick, concrete and natural stone. Select a material that can withstand the traffic in the area you want to install the pavers. The next thing is learning how to care for your pavers. There are two important things you should consider doing.

Get the pavers sealed

Have you been dealing with too many paver repairs San Diego? If yes, now is the time to think about getting them sealed. If you chose the right paver materials, had them installed properly but they still have issues, getting them sealed might be all that you need. Getting pavers sealed helps protect them from wear and tear, staining, grime and discoloration that is caused by the sun. Keep in mind that most pavers are porous. They need to be sealed after installation or after a restoration.

There are many types of sealants you can use. The best one will depend on the material of the pavers and the look you want to achieve. It is recommended to at least wait a week before going ahead with the application of a non-film-forming sealant and at least a month if you will be using a film-forming sealant. The objective here is to ensure moisture from installation dries completely. You don’t want any moisture to be trapped under the sealant. It is good to adhere to the recommendations given by the manufacturer.

Cleaning the pavers

Whether your pavers are sealed or not, it is crucial that you get them cleaned regularly. This can be done by sweeping to remove debris and dust. Regular cleaning will keep your pavers looking amazing and prevent the chances of debris scratching them. Some stains may require to be cleaned with a special solution. That is why every now and then you should arrange for deep-cleaning services.

Getting pavers sealed makes cleaning a lot easier. This is because the protective coat will first keep the pavers from getting stained when something spills on them. Second, a sealant will make it hard for weeds to grow between the pavers. Cleaning will also be bliss since dirt will not be trapped between pavers.

These two solutions will not only help you avoid expensive paver repairs San Diego but also simplify maintenance. Always make sure the installation, repair and deep cleaning are done by a professional with a great track record.

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