Paver Repairs San Diego – How to Clean Driveway or Patio Pavers

New pavers look amazing. However, after many spilled condiments, footprints, rainy days, and muddy paws, the pavers may start to look unattractive. The solution to restoring them to their former glory is to clean them. Getting pavers cleaned is easier and less expensive than paver repairs San Diego. You will, however, need to clean them the right way to avoid damaging them.

What you will need

When getting ready to clean your pavers, you will need the following:

  • At least one day of free time
  • Gardening gloves
  • Weed killer
  • Stiff hand brush
  • Pressure or power washer
  • A gallon or five-gallon bucket
  • Stiff long-handled broom or a scouring pad
  • Cleaning solution

Clear the area

The first step is obviously to clear the area that you want to clean. Remove potted plants, chairs, fire pits and anything that is movable. The idea is to remove the obstacles that may keep you from reaching all the brick pavers. For the items you cannot move such as appliances, cover them up using tarp.

Remove organic growths

To avoid expensive paver repairs San Diego, you need to make sure that there are no organic growths on your pavers. That is why when cleaning one of your primary focus has to be removing moss, weeds and any organic growths. Organic growths take place in the spaces between pavers and in cracks. Over time, these growths may cause your pavers to become broken. You should pull out all the big weeds by their roots and use a stiff brush to loosen moss. If necessary, you can apply a weed killer.

Hose them down

To loosen dirt and debris, you need to soak the pavers using a garden hose. You then need the right cleaning solution for your pavers. White vinegar diluted with water, dishwashing soap and water or any green, gentle and chemical-free soap are ideal for cleaning pavers.

Scrub and clean

Cleaning pavers requires that you tackle one area at a time. Pour the cleaning solution on the pavers and using a stiff long-handled broom scrub the area. Avoid going too hard when using abrasive tools as doing so may damage the pavers. You then need to rinse the area using garden hose. If there are stains left, you may have to scrub some more.

Reseal the pavers

One of the best things you can do to ensure your pavers maintain their vibrant look is to get them sealed. If you already had them sealed, resealing them will be a great idea. While there are DIY sealers available, it is always good to contact a professional to apply high quality sealers.

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