Paver Repairs San Diego – Pros and Cons of Concrete Pavers

When selecting a material for your pavers, you have to do so while keeping the cost of paver repairs San Diego in mind. If you are not keen, you may end up installing a paving product that only looks great for a few months. You don’t want to deal with the nightmare of finding broken pavers every few days, do you? That is why selecting the right materials is of utmost importance.

If high costs of paver repairs San Diego scare you, then the paving products you should go with are the concrete pavers. These are natural, study and quite durable. However, the question that most people ask when considering concrete pavers is if they fade over time? This post is meant to answer this question.

Do concrete pavers fade?

To better answer this question, you need first to understand how the concrete pavers are usually made. These paving products are the same as concrete blocks. They are made using aggregate and cement. They are then formed in molds using a vibration process that help achieve the desired density. For the colored pavers, color is achieved by adding pigments to the mixture of cement and aggregate.

Back to the question on whether they fade, the pigments which are added to the concrete pavers are not inherent to the material. As a result, the color will fade over time. This ends up exposing the gray color of the aggregate and cement. Over time, the pavers will have a very different color from when they were first laid. The worst part is that once the colors have faded completely, you will not be able to restore the original appearance without replacing the pavers.

There is, however, a bright side. Immediately after installation or before the pavers fade too much, you can get them sealed. Sealing the pavers will lock in the original colors, prevent stains and make it easy for you to maintain the pavers.

Pros of concrete pavers

  • The low cost of materials makes them less expensive than brick
  • Come in a wide range of choices. The ability to pigment the cement and aggregate makes it easy for you to find pavers that are of the colors you want.
  • Advancements in technology have helped manufacturers to design sturdier concrete pavers.
  • Easy to install. The pavers can be cut easily to match your needs.

Cons of concrete pavers

  • Colors do fade over time. The issue is common in areas that are exposed to too much sunlight
  • Concrete pavers wear faster than brick pavers
  • Varying quality because manufacturers use their own unique method in creating concrete pavers

Yes, concrete pavers do fade and have some disadvantages but the good news is that you can prolong their life by getting them sealed. Sealing will also help you avoid the high costs of paver repairs San Diego.

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