Paver Repairs San Diego – What Makes Paving Stones Better than Concrete?

Pavers offer versatility and style. They can be adjusted and replaced easily and offer better drainage. However, as you think about the best option for your patio, driveway or walkway, you also have to think about maintenance needs. You don’t want to waste a lot of time and money in paver repairs San Diego, do you?

The drive or walkway that leads to your house should be both a personal statement and a reflection of good taste. In addition to that, to avoid high expenses in paver repairs San Diego, you must ensure the materials you select are able to stand up to harsh weather and continue looking great for many years. In the past, concrete used to be the favored material for walkways and drives. Paving stone has, however, proven to be the perfect choice and here are the key reasons why.

Pavers effectively hide stains and imperfections

At one point in time, no matter how careful you are, you will end up staining your drive. The stain may be caused by leaking oil from your car or any other spill that is hard to clean. Stains are usually ugly and at times leave a permanent blemish. The good thing about pavers is that you can flip the stained pieces or replace them to get rid of the ugly tarnish. This is unlike concrete where replacing a section is a lot of work.

Available in a wide range of designs and colors

Unless you engrave patterns before it dries, with concrete you will have a very limited choice when it comes to designs and colors. Pavers, on the other hand, come in many combinations. They will help create a unique patio or drive without putting in too much work. As a matter of fact, how you install paving stones will be limited only by your imagination.

Pavers are ready to go immediately after they are installed

With concrete, you have to wait 3 to 5 days for the surface to cure. Pavers only require a solid base. Once they are slipped into place, you can start using your drive or walkway right away.

Better drainage

The spaces between pavers make it easy for water to drain away. This is the feature that also makes pavers more slip resistant than concrete.

The advantages of pavers are innumerable. The best you can do, however, is to leave the installation work to the experts. Poor installation can lead to such problems as pavers moving, breaking and so on. The case is the same when it comes to paver repairs San Diego. Leaving the work to the pros will lead to more lasting results.

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