Paver Repairs San Diego – Why Installing Concrete Pavers is a Great Idea

At the first mention of pavers, the first thing most people think about is paver repairs San Diego. It is not uncommon to see damaged pavers. The pavers you have seen might have chipped, gotten broken or got dislodged. In the past, pavers had a bad reputation. This is mostly because installer paid little attention to preparation when installing. Manufacturers also did not all build high quality concrete blocks. Today, things have changed. Pavers are a common in commercial driveways, entrances, parking lots, plazas and other industrial and retail applications. But why is this so?

More benefits than concrete slabs

The main reason you will find concrete pavers in most settings is because they offer more benefits than concrete slabs. They are the go-to option when you want to update your outdoor space with an attractive and cost-effective option. When they are installed properly, these interlocking blocks add character to your outdoor space while adding functionality. They are also easy to install and you don’t have to worry about writing a big check when you need paver repairs San Diego. This is because when there is a problem, only the affected pavers will be fixed. This is unlike concrete slabs where a whole section has to be worked on.

Wide selection and are very durable

Another reason more and more homeowners have been going for concrete pavers in the last decade is because these landscaping options are not only visually attractive but they also last exceptionally long. When they are installed correctly, concrete pavers can last between 20 to 30 years. The best thing is they require minimal maintenance.

The strength of concrete enables these pavers to resist freeze-thaw cycles. They also have high abrasion and offer high skid resistance. Petroleum products will only cause little to no damage to the pavers. It is also good to note that these pavers are not easily damaged by high temperatures. You never have to worry about damaged pavers after several days of extreme summer heat. To preserve their vibrant colors and make maintenance easy, you should consider getting your pavers sealed. A sealer offers a layer of protection that will make your pavers last longer.

Improved safety

Last but not least, installing concrete pavers will increase safety on your property. This is all thanks to the fact that they increase skid resistance, enhance visibility at night and improve the flow of foot traffic.

While they offer many benefits, the only way to guarantee you enjoy these and more benefits is to ensure the pavers are installed by an expert. Resist the urge to handle paver repairs on your own. Leaving the work to the pros will be worth every penny.

Paver Repairs San Diego