Paver Restoration – Advantages of Sealing Your Pavers

Pavers allow supreme design flexibility. They can be set on grass, installed with mortar or sand set. It all depends on the look you want to achieve. However, it is important to note that pavers do fade or get damaged over time. That is why we have paver restorationservices. The purpose of this service is to restore the beauty your pavers had when they were first installed. It is also possible to prolong the beauty of your pavers with sealing. But what is this?

Sealing pavers is a popular final step during the installation of pavers. It involves the application of a sealer over the pavers to help protect the porous materials against staining and prolong the life of pavers. After a new installation or after a paver restoration service, your contractor may recommend sealing. Here are the main advantages of sealing your pavers.

Preserve the beauty

Pavers are usually installed for their beauty. Exposure to the elements causes this beauty to deteriorate over time. The good news is sealing the pavers helps preserve the beauty as well as enhance the overall look by adding a glossy finish. The best thing is sealers don’t alter the color of your pavers but rather highlight the hues of the materials. After sealing, the lovely color of your pavers will remain looking new for the longest period because it will be protected from the damaging effects of UV rays.


Pavers are susceptible to the elements at various degrees depending on the material. Over time, mildew will grow, the colors will fade and the pavers may be stained by dirt, rust and other items that decorate your hardscaped area. Sealing your pavers will help prevent stains and signs of aging. When the pavers are sealed, it will be easy for you to remove dirt, grime and grease from your pavers without leaving residue effects.

The appearance of pavers is not affected only by dirt and stains. The weather can damage the pavers. When your pavers are not sealed, moisture will get into the porous material of the paver. If the moisture freezes, it will expand and cause the paver to crack. A sealer keeps your pavers from soaking in water thus preventing damages.


The durability of pavers is determined by the materials used. After installation, every paver will have an expected lifespan. Applying a sealer on the natural surfaces will significantly extend the life of the paver materials. Sealing is particularly important when you went for pavers that have softer materials like travertine. Sealing will also prevent the growth of weeds because it seals the cracks.

The above are the main reasons you should consider sealing your pavers. After paver restoration, you should consider asking your contractor to seal your pavers so as to extend their life. You also need to note that pavers need to be resealed regularly.

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