Paver Restoration – Answers to Frequently Asked Question About Weeds

Have you been noticing weeds growing between your pavers? Are you tired of having to pluck them one by one every other day? The good news is there are solutions available to help you get rid of weeds between your pavers. As a matter of fact, one of the main objectives of paver restoration is to remove weeds and keep them from growing again. This is where you call in a professional to treat the weed problem for you. In this post, we shall be answering some of the most frequently asked questions about pavers growing between pavers.

Do weeds really grow between pavers?

The answer is a resounding Yes. Given time and good conditions, weeds will grow virtually anywhere. Your pavers are laid on soil. Even if you create a concrete bed for your pavers, the soil will still find its way in the gaps between pavers. Weeds require a little soil and water to grow. They start as seeds that settle between the cracks. When the conditions are favorable, they take root.

One of the most recommended approaches in paver restoration is to always sweep your pavers. Sweeping regularly will not only remove excess soil on pavers but also remove the seeds before they take root.

Still on cleaning, you need to pressure wash your pavers regularly. Pressure washing is a recommended weed removal solution if you don’t want to use chemicals. Pressure washing after pulling out weeds helps remove roots and carry away seeds.

Is there a way to keep weeds from growing between your pavers?

Weeds thrive in an environment that is cool and damp. To keep weeds from growing on your pavers, you have to ensure there is proper drainage beneath the pavers. Brushing and sweeping the pavers regularly will also help prevent weeds from growing.

For the ultimate solution on how to prevent weeds from growing, you need to get your pavers sealed. This involves adding a protective layer over your pavers. The layer will not only help your pavers retain their vibrant colors longer but also seal gaps that weeds may grow through. Getting your pavers sealed further makes cleaning easy. Your pavers will also have a barrier against stains, insects, mold and weather.

How do you kill weeds?

There are several solutions you can use to kill weeds between your pavers. The most common ones include:

  • Using a salt solution
  • Using baking soda
  • Using vinegar
  • Using herbicides

There are so many solutions you can use to kill weeds. However, if you need lasting results, you need to call in a professional in paver restoration. The expert will assess the issue and provide the best solutions. If you are in San Diego, Paver Saver is the best company you can work with. We are always happy to answer your call and unparalleled services in paver installation, repair and restoration. Call us now to find out more.

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