Paver Restoration – Can Regular Bricks Be Used as Pavers?

When deciding on the installation of pavers, you have to think about paver restoration too. The last thing you want is to select a material that ends up costing you a great deal of time and money in repairs. A popular material that has been around since time immemorial is brick. Therefore, brick is one of the main materials that come to mind when thinking about a hardscape design. The big question, however, is this, can you use regular bricks as pavers?

Type of Brick

Not every brick can be used as a paver. Some bricks are designed to be used as pavers, while others are made for other uses. To better understand your options and pick the brick that will not result in a lot of time and money in paver restoration, let’s look at the two main types of bricks.

  • Face bricks

The face bricks are those used in building houses. They are designed in a way that makes it easy to stack them vertically. They have holes at the center. These bricks are not recommended for use as pavers.

  • Clay bricks

These are the solid bricks that don’t have a hole. Their surface is flat. Clay bricks are more resistant than face bricks and are recommended for use as pavers. Clay bricks can resist freeze-thaw cycles. Some are wire-cut which gives them a rough extruded structure which prevents slippage.

Unlike concrete bricks, the beauty of using clay bricks is that you will be spoilt for choice. They come in many colors. The designs are, however, somewhat standard.


When they are cared for properly, bricks can serve you for many years. The first thing you should do is pressure wash the bricks at least twice every year. You also need to get them cleaned immediately after a spill. Most stains and moss on the bricks can be removed using biodegradable soap.

Clay bricks can absorb and release moisture. They are designed precisely for this. Even so, you need to ensure there is proper drainage.

Another important thing you should consider doing in a paver restoration is to get your pavers sealed. Getting them sealed helps them last longer without compromising their color and appearance.

Cost of the bricks

The clay brick pavers are more expensive than concrete pavers. The cost of concrete pavers ranges from $3 to $15 per square foot. On the other hand, Brick paver will cost between $10 and $20 per square foot. These costs are for the materials alone.

Whether you are searching for the best pavers for your home or need help with installation or repairs, it is always wise to work with a professional. Mistakes during installation or repairs can compromise the integrity of pavers.

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