Paver Restoration Company – How to Care for Natural Stone Pavers

Natural stone pavers are the most preferred paving materials. This is because they are not only durable but also elegant. However, just like everything on earth, these pavers are not spared by the tides of time. Over time, you will find yourself requiring the services of a paver restoration company. All in all, there are several things you can do to avoid spending too much money on repair and restoration professionals. Here are a few care and maintenance basics for natural stone pavers.

Keep them clean

The best way to make your pavers last long is to keep them clean. How frequently you clean them will depend on the particular natural stone pavers you have installed. For example, finer-finished natural stones such as travertine, marble, granite and sandstone require regular and gentle care for them to look their best. You can sweep, wipe and dust them regularly to keep dirt and water off the surface. A paver restoration company will recommend using a specially formulated outdoor stone cleaner. This is because natural stone pavers are very porous. They can be damaged by harsh cleaners.

The best way to care for natural stone pavers is to get them sealed. There are many sealers available. The best thing about getting your pavers sealed is that it will not only make them last longer but also prevent damages caused by mildew and mold penetration. Sealed pavers are also easier to clean and less prone to staining and fading.

Preventing hazing

The color of natural stones fades and changes after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. This is what causes hazing. Whenever possible, to avoid this problem, you should find ways of shading your pavers. You can use awnings over walls or a patio roof or an umbrella over a patio or deck. Protective covers will make your pavers easier to clean because they will be shielded from dirt and debris. Getting the pavers sealed is a much more viable option in most cases.

Preventing stains

The main drawback of using natural stone pavers is they stain easily. They can be stained by even unexpected items such as wet leaves. You have to be proactive in order to prevent stains. Start by keeping garden tools and other metal materials that are prone to rust off the surface of your pavers. You also need to clean rust and stains as soon as possible. A mixture of hydrogen peroxide has been known to be one of the best stain removers on natural stones. Allow the mixture to sit on the stain for 24 hours then rinse with water and dry immediately.

A lot goes into the care of pavers. The aforementioned solutions will save you money that would otherwise be used by otherwise hiring a paver restoration company. All things considered, if you want your pavers to last long, consider getting them sealed. If they have an issue, bring in a professional to take care of it.

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