Paver Restoration – How Much Does It Cost to Install Pavers

One of the top reasons you need to seal pavers is so as to avoid an untimely paver restoration. Paver restorations are what homeowners turn to when they don’t want to incur the total cost of having their pavers reinstalled from scratch. A restoration helps fix problems before they affect the entire patio. If you have been avoiding a restoration, you should understand the cost of a new paver installation.

It is hard to objectively answer the question on how much it costs to install patio pavers. It usually costs between $2,400 and $7,00 to get pavers installed. There are several factors that affect this cost/ the factors include the size of the project, type of pavers being used, labor costs and cost of materials. A paver will calculate these factors and add them to the final price. On average, the final price remains in the neighborhoods of $3,400 for a 280 square foot patio. As you may have guessed, a paver restoration costs much less money.

To better answer the question on how much it costs to install pavers, you must take a look at the different stages involved in the installation. Keep in mind the prices we mention here are just the average costs.


The ground where pavers are to be installed has to be prepared. You will need to dig, buy different types of bedding and sand as well as geotextile fabric. The costs are as followings:

  • Road base: $0/.65/sq ft
  • Geotextile fabric: $0.39/sq ft
  • Bedding sand: $0.32/sq ft
  • Joint sand: $0.11/sq ft

The above only covers the cost of the required materials. It doesn’t include the cost of tools.


While pavers are materials, we will talk about them separately because this is what this post is all about. You will be spoilt for choice when deciding on the pavers to use. Here are the average costs of the most common types of pavers:

  • Brick pavers: $2 to $8/sq ft
  • Concrete pavers: $3 to $6/sq ft
  • Natural stone: $1 to $3/sq ft
  • Slate pavers: $5 to $10/sq ft

The cost of pavers will depend on where you are buying them from. Some stores or manufacturers tend to set higher or lower prices for their products. The key is to ensure you are focusing on high quality pavers.

Size of the Project

The size of the project will always influence the cost of the project. Needless to say, the bigger the project is the more money you will spend.

You should always make a good investment when getting pavers installed. Taking shortcuts will only lead to frequent paver restoration or the need to redo the whole work. Refrain from installing pavers on your own.

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