Paver Restoration – How to Care for Your Pavers

When they are well cared for, natural stone pavers can add undying beauty to your yard. They are the ultimate choice when you want to create stunning walkways, driveways or solid patios. However, it is good to note that pavers will not retain their amazing look if you don’t care for them. If you want to avoid spending a lot of time and money in paver restoration while at the same time keep your pavers looking amazing, here are some of the things you must do.

Get them sealed

After a paver restoration or installation, your paver may recommend getting them sealed. This is recommended because pavers are made of stones that have different properties. The stone sustains various amounts of wear. Depending on the stone you are using, the manufacturer may recommend sealing your pavers immediately after installation.

In addition to enhancing the look, getting your pavers sealed will protect them against water absorption, discoloration as well as harsh environmental conditions. Sealing the pavers will also make maintenance tasks easier. Travertine pavers need to be sealed because when exposed to acidic materials they suffer corrosion damage. Travertine should be sealed using water repellent impregnating sealer so as to extend their life. In cold climates, it is recommended to seal stone pavers.

Regular cleaning

Sweeping and washing pavers is important. It will reduce the frequency at which you will need challenging maintenance routines. How often you clean will depend on the season and the frequency of use. During fall, you will need to sweep more often to keep leaves from staining the pavers. If you eat frequently on the patio that is made of stone pavers, you will need to clean spills immediately.

Cleaning should be done using pH-balanced neutral cleaners and warm water. Start by sweeping or dry moping the pavers. That way you will get debris out of the way and make scrubbing much easier. scrub the surface using a sponge mop. It is okay to use hand cloths for the tougher areas. Rinse the pavers properly then allow them to dry.

Commercial maintenance

If you have pavers that are installed in a large area, you could benefit from commercial cleaners. Commercial cleaners use ride-on cleaning machines and will inspect your pavers for damage. If paver restoration is needed, they will be able to offer the service you need.

Regardless of the material of your pavers, you need to take good care of them to avoid expensive repairs. You must also not be afraid of consulting the experts on matters paver maintenance.

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