Paver Restoration – How to Prevent Weeds from growing Between Pavers

Weeds growing between or under the pavers is the number one reason why most homeowners need paver restorationservices. Weeds mostly grow because the pavers have not been sealed or there is no proper prevention in place. The weeds will find their way through the joints and over time reduce the appearance of pavers. If no action is taken, weeds can cause pavers to be so damaged that only a replacement will work. This is not an issue you want to deal with. In this post, we will be looking at the corrective measures that will help stop weeds and restore the look of your patio, deck or driveway.

Sweep regularly

In most cases, weeds never sprout from under the pavers. They start growing when a seed falls between the cracks of your pavers. Once they take root, the seeds grow and you start dealing with a weed problem. Sweeping the pavers regularly will help disrupt the seeds from taking root. This will help inhibit their growth. Sweeping also gets rid of surface dirt which in turn enhances curb appeal. If you want to avoid spending a lot of money in paver restoration, you need to ensure your pavers are always clean.

Proper installation

As aforementioned, most weeds grow on the pavers because seeds fall through the gaps and take root. When your pavers have been installed poorly, there will be more cracks for those seeds to fall through. The first step to preventing a weed problem is thus the proper installation of pavers.

A professional installation of pavers starts with the creation of a sand bed which is packed tightly to form the foundation for your patio, deck or driveway. After that, pavers are laid in place. Additional sand is also used to cover the crevices between pavers. This sand also guarantees that the pavers will remain in place. The sand also prevents weeds from growing.

Ensure proper slope

Seeds need water to grow. That is why your patio, deck or driveway must have proper drainage. When the deck or patio has been sloped properly, water will simply run down the slope without pooling in the crevices between the pavers. The seeds will thus not have the cool and damp soil they need to grow. The slope of the paved area must always slope away from your house.

Get the pavers sealed

The best solution to help prevent weeds is to have your pavers sealed. Doing so will not only ensure weeds never take root but also warrant you never require paver restoration as often because the pavers will be well protected. Find an expert to help with sealing.

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