Paver Restoration – How to Remove Weeds Growing Through Your Pavers

There are several methods you can use to keep weeds from growing through the lines between each stone. The most recommended methods include keeping the pavers clean, ensuring the pavers are installed properly and making sure the pavers are installed with a proper slope that prevents water from pooling. But what do you do if weeds are already growing through your pavers. Here are a few things you can do to prevent a complete paver restoration.

White vinegar

A common mistake people make when treating weeds is using harsh chemicals. You should note that the use of harsh chemicals will not only damage the weeds but also damage the pavers. To avoid an expensive paver restoration when treating weeds, you should consider using white vinegar. Put white vinegar in a spray bottle then mix with water and spray the cracks between your pavers. Leave the solution to sit in and work its way into the soil. After a few hours, rinse the vinegar using a garden hose. This remedy will kill weeds without causing damage to your pavers or nearby plants.

Pressure washing

Pressure washing offers two benefits: it keeps your pavers clean and removes weeds from the spaces between the stones. Pressure washing will simply leave your walkways or patio looking new. When pressure washing, don’t just use a hose that is fitted with a jet nozzle. You also need to keep in mind that the high water pressure may wash away sand between the grooves or even etch the surface of the pavers.  To avoid these problems, use a rotating surface cleaner attachment.

Hands-on removal

There is no harm in getting your hands dirty when dealing with weeds. However, you need to keep in mind that pulling out weeds is only effective if you remove the entire plant including its roots. To achieve effective results, reach to the lowest point of the stem then pull the weed carefully. Considering roots that don’t come out with the plant will grow back, you have to be ready for multiple hand-pulling sessions. Hands-on removal is recommended on the onset of the weed problem when there are fewer weeds to remove.

Mechanical removal

Crack scrapers can be outfitted on L-shaped blades which pull weed from the stem thus removing the weed fat the base of the stem. The method is an alternative to hands-on removal. It too leaves the roots in and you will have to remove weeds multiple times.

Stabilizing sand

After removing weeds using any of the aforementioned methods, you will need stabilizing sand to keep the weeds from growing back. Ensure the patio I dry and free of weeds before adding the stabilizing sand. If you are not sure what needs to be done and which sand to use, contact a paver restoration expert for help.

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