Paver Restoration – What Will Happen After Sealing Pavers

Did you recently install new pavers or get a paver restoration? If you did, the next thing you should consider doing is getting those pavers sealed. Sealing pavers is not a requirement but rather a recommendation.

Getting pavers sealed offers several benefits. For starters, you will require paver restoration services less frequently. There are several other benefits that come with sealing your patio pavers. Here are the main things you can expect after getting pavers sealed.

Appearance may Change

There are two types of sealers available: penetrating sealer and wet look sealer. If you opt for the wet look sealer, you can expect the appearance of your pavers to change. This is because the wet look sealer adds a shiny finish to the pavers. This may alter the color of your pavers to some degree.

Prior to getting your pavers sealed, you should discuss the available options with your service provider. Know what the selected sealer will do to your pavers and whether it will alter the color. If you don’t want the color of your pavers to change, the service provider may recommend a different sealer or advise you not to seal the pavers.

Pavers will Retain their Color Longer

Once they are sealed, your pavers will be protected from the elements. This means UV rays will not cause the colors to fade. The pavers will also not crack easily when placed under high pressure or when exposed to acid rain. It will also be harder for spills to stain the pavers. The protective coat makes it easy for you to wipe off spills.

Maintenance will be Easy

The grand beauty of getting your pavers sealed is the ease of maintenance. When they are not sealed, concrete pavers tend to stain easily. It will be harder to remove stains that have already penetrated deep into the paver. This is an issue that can be avoided by sealing pavers. When they are sealed properly, cleaning will be a bliss. Weeds will also not grow between the pavers.

Drainage will be Improved

One of the reasons pavers get damaged is because water pools on them. This causes their structure to weaken and also promotes the growth of weed and algae. Sealing the pavers ensures water never sits on them. Water will drain off without ever getting into the pavers. 

There are so many more benefits that come with the getting your pavers sealed. As a result, it is common for your service provider to recommend getting your pavers sealed after a paver restoration. Make sure the expert uses a sealer that has a great reputation. Paver Saver of San Diego is the authorized distributor of Seal ‘N Lock paver sealer in San Diego. Give us a call to find out more.

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