Paver Restoration – Why It is Important to Seal Your Pavers

Are you tired of hiring a professional for paver restoration every few months? If you are, there is a solution you can use to make your pavers retain their amazing look for longer. That is sealing them. After they have been restored, you should have your pavers sealed. Sealing protects them from the element and helps maintain their beauty longer.

Getting your pavers sealed is the best way to protect the investment that you have made in your patios, walkways, driveways, retaining walls, pool decks or other hardscapes. Bearing in mind pavers are exposed to the elements every day, sealing them will make your efforts in paver restoration last longer. A high performance sealer will create a protective finish that will restore the original depth of color, deter surface deterioration as well as repel stains.

Sealing your pavers does not mean you ignore them afterward. You need to clean and polish your sealed pavers periodically. The only difference that sealed pavers bring is that cleaning will be much easier. But why exactly should you consider getting your pavers sealed?

Benefits of Sealing Pavers

It is always best to get your pavers sealed immediately after a new installation. However, if you did not get them sealed, you can seal them after repairing and cleaning your pavers. Always make sure you work with an experienced paver. Not every sealing product will give the results you have read or heard about. How you seal your pavers matters. You should always take a look at the type of sealer used.

Here are the top benefits of getting your pavers sealed:

  • Inhibit the growth of grass and weeds in the joints
  • Reduce the growth of moss
  • Deter ants and other pests
  • Prevent the loss of sand in the joints
  • Repel oil, grime, and grease
  • Prevent stains
  • Make cleaning easy
  • Enhance the texture, color and brightness of the pavers
  • Provide better protection from salt damage
  • Guarantee long lasting beauty and value
  • Keep pavers from shifting
  • Reduce surface deterioration and wear
  • Resist the harsh effects of extreme weather conditions

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