Paving Stone San Diego – Advantages of Using Porcelain Pavers

Since time immemorial, concrete pavers have been the go-to paving stone San Diego trusts. But did you know there are other remarkable products available? One of those products is porcelain. At the mention of porcelain, most people only think about dolls and kitchen ware. The truth is there is special porcelain that is created for paving purposes.

The reason porcelain is gaining immense popularity in paving is its ability to be made into virtually any custom pattern. This makes the paving stone suitable for both casual and sophisticated environments. It is also available in a range of colors, sizes and shapes which makes it the perfect modern paving material for any home. In the outdoor space, porcelain paving stone San Diego trusts is used to build anything from balconies and terraces to walkways, roof decks and pool deck areas.

The most remarkable feature about porcelain pavers is that they are non-slip. They are also created to be stronger than natural stone. Moreover, you don’t have to spend a fortune on cleaning. They are stain resistant and very easy to clean. The pavers also resist mildew, mold and moss effectively. They are not susceptible to freezing as is the case with most other paving materials. Let’s take a further look at some of the most remarkable benefits of using porcelain pavers in your outdoor space.

  • Low water absorption. While natural stone and concrete pavers are preferred in paving, they do absorb water. This is not the case with porcelain tiles. They have a water absorption rates of less than 0.5%. This is what makes them both weather and stain resistant.
  • Since porcelain pavers absorb almost no water, they are not susceptible to cracking in freezing temperatures. They will, therefore, last longer and require minimal attention in maintenance.
  • Porcelain has high resistant to UV fading. You don’t have to get them sealed in order to make their colors last long. Porcelain is naturally sealed and non-porous.
  • The pavers are stronger and more durable than ceramic and concrete pavers. This is all thanks to their unique manufacturing process.
  • Unlike natural stone, porcelain will not crack in harsh weather.
  • You can treat porcelain pavers with ice melt without ruining them.
  • The pavers are non-slip. This makes them a great option for entertainment spaces more so around the pool.
  • Easy to clean. The pavers are stain resistant and can be cleaned by brushing with soapy water.
  • They remain cool in summer.


There are many more reasons why you should consider installing porcelain pavers. However, for them to last long and look amazing, you must ensure they are installed and cared for properly. Always work with an expert during installation.

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