Paving Stone San Diego – Best Old School Materials for a Patio

Planning a new patio can be very exciting. This is a chance to use your creativity to build something you really like. You can go with anything from a rustic to a contemporary look and anything in between. The choice is yours. The hardest part, however, is choosing the right paving stone San Diego. Paving stones should be selected not just for their aesthetic effect but for their utility. You also need to consider the weather conditions in your area and how much traffic you expect. Here are some of the best types of paving stones for a patio. We will be focusing on the old-school paving materials in this post.


If what you need is a durable and versatile patio paver material, concrete paving stone San Diego is what you should go with. Concrete pavers are inexpensive and since it is poured, you can get pavers in any size and shape. Basic concrete can, however, have a bland and low-end feel but newer finishing can take on the effect of expensive materials such as brick or flagstone.

The downside with concrete is it can be unideal for areas with very cold climates. They crack when temperatures go below freezing. Moreover, when exposed to low temperatures concrete tends to produce a whitish residue. This will require regular power washing. If you go with concrete with special textures and tints, you will have to get them refinished every few years.

Natural stone

This has an unparalleled earthy quality that complements any color you may choose for your patio. It is expensive because quarrying and transporting natural stone is quite labor-intensive. Installing natural stone is also not cheap due to the expertise and effort that is needed to achieve a smooth surface. Natural stone also gets slippery when wet so you should avoid using it around the pool.

Despite the drawbacks, natural stone is a remarkable material to use for your patio. They come in many shapes and textures. The materials include sandstone, slate, limestone, and granite. They create a soothing and lush feel.


This is the most versatile material for a formal or rustic look. It all depends on the finish and color you select. Brick comes in many patterns and colors and can be laid in a manner that evokes the feeling you want. While it is possible to install brick pavers on your own, it is always wise to leave the work to a professional. Poor installation will not only make the patio untidy but also make the pavers vulnerable to damage.

The drawback is a brick is available in a limited selection of colors, sizes and textures. While it stands up fairly against the elements, the reddish coloring can fade.

Old school materials are great for your patio. However, to maintain their amazing look, you must ensure they are installed properly and cleaned regularly. To prolong their life, consider getting your pavers sealed.

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