Paving Stone San Diego – Factors to Help Pick the Best Paver Colors

When shopping for a paving stone San Diego, settling on a color is one of the most challenging things. Pavers are available in myriad colors. All these colors are quite interesting, and most will work with your landscape. However, not every color combination will be good for your home. The last thing you want is to replace pavers simply because they don’t blend well or look ugly when wet. If you are in the market for pavers, here are a few factors you should consider before settling on a color.

What are you hardscaping

When deciding on the color for your paving stone San Diego, you will have to think about where you will be installing them. Do you need them next to your pool, garden, or on the driveway or walkway? Do you need them for the retaining wall? Not every color will work for your fashion. Many colors are for function. If you are installing pavers on the pool deck, you should avoid dark colors so as not to burn your feet on a hot day. For a driveway, dark colors will look spectacular.  

The theme color of your home

Do you plan on changing aspects of your home or just your landscape? For example, if you are getting ready for a new roof, remodel, or siding, you should choose a paver color that goes well with your selected colors. On the other hand, if you plan to remodel your home, you should consider choosing your favorite hardscape then changing the landscape accordingly. The idea is to pick a color that blends perfectly. You can also choose to re-plant your deck or plant a flowing shrub to blend the colors. The goal, however, when choosing a color for your pavers is to choose one that will go well with the rest of your home.

Match your roof

In hardscaping, the roof of a home is usually the anchor. In the same way an anchor secures a boat, the roof will ground the colors of the landscape. Choosing hardscape colors can be as easy as matching the colors to the roof. For example, if the roof has black or dark colors, you can use charcoal hardscapes. Matching pavers to the roof helps create a contrast between the landscape and the roof. Human eyes love contrasts.

Beautiful blend or a perfect match

The color of your pavers doesn’t necessarily have to match your home. It is, however, important that they blend in. Therefore, when shopping for pavers, you need to consider if you need a beautiful blend or a perfect match.

These four factors will help pick the best colors for your landscape. It is, however, important that you leave the installation work to the experts. Poor installation can ruin everything.

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