Paving Stone San Diego – Understanding Various Paving Stones

While you may have the best-manicured glass in your neighborhood, nothing compares to pavers. Paving stones not only make your compound stand out but also improve functionality especially during the cold season as well as complement your other landscaping efforts. However, for you to get the best-looking pavers, you have to select a paving stone San Diego with care. In this post, we will be looking at the various options that are available and what makes them unique.

Sandstone is the ideal all-round choice

Sandstone is, without a doubt, one of the most popular stones used in paving. The stone is tough, a quality that makes it perfect for various paving applications. It is also easy to cut and much easier to work with than granite. In the stores, you will find this stone in many names such as ‘Colorado Red’ and ‘Crab Orchard’. The best thing about this paving stone San Diego is that it is available in many colors and shapes. Finding the paving stone that works best for your home will be easy.

Slate is selected for its color and texture

This is in many cases used as a flagstone. It has a unique texture as well as subtle color palettes. This makes it quite attractive. The pastel blue grays and muted reds are very beautiful. The material is both beautiful to look at and to walk on. However, the stone’s quality that makes it easy to shape into any piece also makes it less durable more so when used as an outdoor paving material. The stone also chips and flakes in heavy rainfall or when it freezes. Slate is ideal for relatively sheltered areas.

Granite is known for durability and strength

If what you need is a paving stone that will last for years, granite is what you should go for. It is unbeaten when it comes to strength and durability. The material is also perfect for formal outdoor spaces and comes in brick-shaped or cube pieces. The stone further has the widest selection of colors of all paving stones. The drawback is the stone is quite pricey.

Limestone is the most unique stone for patios and paths

Limestone has a fine texture and a velvety finish. This makes it the most distinctive paving stone. The stone is also more evenly colored than granite and sandstone. It is easy to cut too. The stone is, however, unavailable in some parts of North America and is thus a tad expensive.

Gravel is for when your budget is small

The reason most people go with gravel is that it is quite easy to install. The material also provides an attractive texture that is perfect for any informal landscape. The drawback with his option is that it can be unstable underfoot and weeds easily grow through it. You need to go for gravel that is labeled ¼ inch minus when you don’t want footing issues. This is, however, a short-term paving solution.

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