Questions to Help You Find the Best Contractor for Paver Restoration

There is something about having pavers that look new. The problem is over time, mostly due to exposure to sunlight, the pavers start to look washed out. When this happens, you will need a paver restoration expert to restore the beauty of your patio, walkways, or driveways. But who should you hire? Below are a few questions you should ask to ensure you end up with the right contractor.

What is your primary business?

The first thing you need to understand is that not every contractor will be able to restore the beauty of your pavers. When speaking with a contractor, you need to make sure that paver restoration is their primary business. The reason this is important is that at times contractors have to be authorized distributors of certain products in order to use them. Paver Saver, for example, is the authorized distributor of Seal ‘N Lock paver sealer in San Diego. Being involved on a daily basis in the restoration of pavers further means the contractor has perfected his trade and will constantly deliver amazing results.

Do you work with your own crew or you use subcontractors?

The ability of a contractor to deliver impeccable results depends on the competence of the team he or she works with. You will be amazed by the number of companies that don’t have an in-house crew but only rely on subcontractors. The problem with this is that the contractor will have little control over the quality of work that is done. To avoid frustrations, always work with a company that works with a well-trained and experienced in-house crew.

Are you certified?

Being certified means the contractor has completed relevant training and satisfied the certification body. The contractor will thus not take shortcuts when working so as not to lose their certificate. They will also adhere to ICPI standards and all local regulations when working on your driveway/walkway. You will be more at ease working with a certified contractor than working with one that is uncertified.

Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?

The Better Business Bureau is a non-profit, independent organization set up to protect consumers. Consumers are always advised to check the ratings of a contractor on BBB as well as go through the filed complaints. This information will be crucial in determining if a contractor is reliable or not. If a contractor is not a member of the BBB, you will not be able to know for certain if they are good at paver restoration.

Are you licensed with the city?

Last but not least, you should work with licensed contractors. A contractor that is licensed with the city will ensure you adhere to all the regulations. Ask to see a copy of their license.

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