Restore Pavers San Diego – When Should You Seal Pavers

No matter how well you get your pavers installed and how well you care for them, there will come a time when you will need to restore pavers San Diego. This is because these outdoor elements are constantly exposed to the elements. They will, without a doubt, fade, chip, break, or sink over time. When this happens, you can fix the damaged pavers cost-effectively. But did you know that getting your pavers sealed will make them last longer and look better?

While pavers are versatile and look amazing in any outdoor environment, it is important to get them sealed so as to keep them functioning and looking good for the longest time. Getting the pavers sealed will reduce the frequency of having to restore pavers San Diego. You will also enjoy a number of benefits including the following:

  • Sealing protects pavers from fading. UV rays are what cause pavers to fade. You can reduce UV degradation by getting the pavers sealed.
  • Enhance the colors. A sealer works like a varnish. The sealer will draw out the vibrant colors of your pavers. You can even go for sealers that have a wet look. This will be great for the patio paver.
  • Stabilize the interlocking joint sand. When interlocking sand is blown away, individual pavers start shifting and causing all manner of problems. Getting pavers sealed will lock this sand in place.
  • Stain removal. Sealed pavers are less porous. They don’t soak up dirt, oil, and other substances. They are thus easier to clean.

The above are the key benefits of getting your pavers sealed. But when should pavers be sealed?

When to Seal Pavers

The majority of manufacturers recommend that you get the pavers sealed after 1 year after installation. The wait helps the naturally-occurring dusty build-up (known as efflorescence) to escape from the pavers. If you don’t wish to wait that long before getting your pavers sealed, you can use breathable sealers. With these sealers, you can get the pavers sealed as soon as they are installed. This is because the efflorescence will escape through the sealer.

Getting your pavers sealed is a great decision irrespective of how old your pavers are. You simply need to find the right sealant. The sealant you use has to be designed for your type of pavers. Second, you have to restore the pavers before getting them sealed. Third, the sealer has to be applied correctly. It doesn’t hurt to work with an experienced professional to help with that.

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