Restore Pavers – Why Should You Seal Your Pavers

After putting in a lot of time and money to make something beautiful, it is natural to want to preserve it for as long as possible. Pavers not only make your home beautiful but also improves its resale value. However, it is important to note that the condition of your pavers will degrade over time. That is where the need to restore pavers comes in.

Paver restoration involves fixing damaged pavers, getting the pavers cleaned, removing weeds and refilling the sand in the spaces between pavers among other things. It is only after you restore pavers that you will be able to keep them looking beautiful and make them last longer. However, the frequency of paver restoration can be reduced significantly by getting the pavers sealed by a professional paver. Here are the top reasons why you should get your pavers sealed.

Protect the surface of pavers

When unsealed, pavers are directly exposed to the elements. This means each raindrop will impact the paver directly and the harmful UV rays from the sun will tarnish each paver directly. This exposure is what causes pavers to degrade faster.

Applying a sealer adds a layer of protection over the pavers. The sealer will safeguard the pavers from damage it faces from mold, dirt, grime and weathering. The protective coat repels particles that might cause staining such as red wine and oil spills. It also keeps moss, weeds and grass from growing in the joints while at the same time deterring insects and ants.

Enhance the texture and color of pavers

After installing new pavers, you definitely want the amazing texture and color to last forever. That will not be possible due to wear. You can, however, prolong the life of the amazing textures and colors by getting your pavers sealed. The protective finish will enhance the texture and color of your pavers. There are also some sealants that offer unaltered appearance while others can be used to enhance the color of pavers.

Makes it easy to clean pavers

Unsealed pavers can trap dirt within them and they stain easily. This makes it harder for you to get them cleaned. After you restore pavers, sealing them will add a layer that keeps dirt and stains from getting into the pavers.

It is recommended to seal pavers as soon as the project of installing new pavers is completed. If you missed that window, you can restore the pavers then seal them right away. Keep in mind there are numerous paver sealers in the market. An experienced professional will help you pick the sealer that is ideal for your pavers and region.

Restore Pavers