Why Choose Us Over a Competitor?

Why choose us over a competitor?

As far as commercial work is concerned – We are the go to paving stone sealing company for the county of San Diego, almost every major property management company in the San Diego area, many home owners associations and many business and restaurant owners as our precision quality of work, high end equipment, and multiple crews/equipment/assets to service any size job. We assist both residential and commercial customers with the best results possible while maintaining flexibility to adhere to any schedule required to get the job done without being an inconvenience to customers, residents or patrons.

It seems like now-a-days, your lawn guy, pool guy, handy man and neighbor claim they will or know how to seal your paving stone know how to seal your paving stone surfaces for you. The reality is there is an art to properly sealing paving stone. For years, we have been perfecting this art – resulting in thousands of satisfied customers. No other company in San Diego county, cleans and seals the high volume of paving stone we do – which directly translates to San Diego Clean n Seal being the most experienced paving stone sealing company in San Diego.

Nearly 1/3 of our work is paving stone restoration. Paving stone restoration is best described as when a home owner seals their paving stone driveway or pool deck themselves, or has another, less experienced paving stone sealing company, paver installation company or handyman, without the experience, apply a  sealant on their paving stone that has to be stripped and re-sealed. This usually runs 3x the initial cost of what it would have been for us to seal your paving stone correctly, the first time. Stripping failed paver sealant off paving stone is a very labor-intensive process which requires expensive chemicals. Don’t risk it, your handy man, painters, or even most paving stone installation companies don’t have the level of experience, product knowledge or expertise as we do. A lot of paving stone installers will encourage sealing your paving stone immediately after installation which will put extra few hundred dollars into their pockets. That is the only benefit to immediately sealing pavers after a new paving stone installation, more money in the paving stone installers pockets. We highly discourage this, as often times, the efflorescence process, which typically requires at least 3 weeks to run its course here in San Diego (depending on the season of installation) can leave a white “haze” over the pavers, which if sealed after installation, the paving stone will need to have the sealer stripped, the efflorescence issue chemically treated, then re-sealed. Again, the cost of this process is typically 3x the initial expense of what it would have been if you had our experts conducting your paving stone sealing job.

Estimates are always free, you have literally nothing to lose by filling out an online request for a free estimate form or by calling our experts to come out and give you a no-hassle estimate 619-449-2011.

95% of our paving stone sealing estimates are able to be given based off a satellite imagery program we pay to use, which combines 7 different imagery programs that updates every 4 months, which allows us to take EXACT square footage measurements of your paving stone driveways or  pool decks and patios. Even allowing us to see up to 20ft underneath overhangs! This makes our overhead expenses lower as we are able to give an average of 50 precise and exact quotes a day with this program – which would take a team of sales men, earning salaries, driving insured vehicles that suck down gas, giving you a 2-hour time block like most company’s schedule for their estimates and will either show up late or not at all – leaving homeowners frustrated… We hear it every day!

You have nothing to lose at all to get a quick quote! Most quotes will be emailed to our customers very quickly with a very detailed description of our process along with links to all of the products that we would be using.