Why is Paver Restoration San Diego Necessary?

When installing new pavers, most people are rarely concerned about paver restoration San Diego. They only focus on the value the new pavers will add to their property as well as the beauty. While they will initially look amazing, the only way to maintain that look is to restore the pavers from time to time. But why exactly is it so important to restore pavers? Here are the main reasons why paver restoration cannot be ignored.


Pavers are continuously exposed to the elements. Your car may leak oil on them or someone may spill some paint on your beautiful pavers. Pavers are porous which means they will soak in anything that spills on them. This is why they are susceptible to stains. While wiping off the spills as soon as possible can help reduce the risk of staining, there will come a time when you will have to bring in a professional paver for cleaning and restoration. With that being said, one of the main uses of paver restoration San Diego is to clean out stains.


Being exposed to the elements constantly means that pavers are at a higher risk of becoming discolored. Sunlight, rain, and dirt are the main culprits when it comes to paver discoloration. Over time, your pavers will start looking dull and unappealing. When this happens, the only to restore their beauty is through paver restoration. There are many techniques that can be used to rejuvenate the colors of your pavers.


Your pavers will start to crack, break or shift over time. This can happen either due to poor installation or heavy use. Extreme weather can also damage pavers. Some paver damages create a tripping hazard and they look uneven. Paver restoration is the service you need to fix this problem.

Weeds and moss growth

The growth of weeds and moss are the main causes of damage to pavers. Weeds can grow through the gaps between pavers. This is common when the spaces have not been sanded properly. Poor installation may also cause weeds to grow under the pavers and cause them to shift. Weeds and moss cause the pavers to look unkempt. They also reduce the stability of pavers. These issues have to fix as soon as possible.

The above are just some of the main reasons why you will require paver restoration in San Diego every now and then. To avoid expensive restorations, you should ensure your pavers are installed correctly. Proper installation will help you avoid myriad problems. You also need to maintain the pavers properly. Clean them regularly and get them sealed.

Paver Restoration San Diego